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Intimacy is the thing which can make butterflies jump inside you, make you feel beautiful and happy. The urge and need of it comes very naturally and it must be the best of all times. One must take care that the time spent together must be worth it, beautiful and memorable. But problems related to intimacy can be really bitter and may detach your partner from you. Somewhere or the other, intimacy related problems must be considered as ignoring them is not healthy for your married and love life. Intimacy is equally important to emotional contentment and one must be very particular and considerate about it. Lack of satisfaction may lead to lack of confidence and it may affect the mental psychology of the person. To take care of such problems, one must consult a sexologist. Dr. P.K Gupta is the leading Sexologist in Delhi which can solve any intimate problem in minutes. He is known for his wonderful treatment and surprising results which can leave the person astonished. So here are some facts listed below by him which can be really helpful-

  • Sexual performance can affect your mental health and mood

Excessive of medications, tension, hormonal changes can result in major sexual problems in men like premature ejaculation. It is a problem in which the desire of intimacy is there for e very short period of time, which can switch off the partner’s mood. It can cause weakness and make the man feeble. This problem is not to be ashamed of as it is found in 1 out 3 men, which is something very normal. This problem must be treated so that no one feels insecure about themselves, they must be very confident about themselves and their intimate life must be very smooth. Low sexual performance and early ejaculation can affect the mental health of the man, it can lack them in confidence, they might be reluctant about intimacy and it can affect their mental psychology majorly. Consultancy is important when it comes to treatment and Dr. P.K gupta is known for his comfortable behavior and hospitality. He is the best sexologist in Delhi NCR. These issues are known as “Gupt rog” in Hindi and one can find Dr. Gupta on Google by typing “gupt rog doctor near me” and you will find the Best sexologist in Delhi.

  • Increase in age results in increasing intimacy performance

Age is the major factor responsible for performance during intimacy. When an adolescent explores himself from within, the urge of intimate activities multiplies with time. So till the time the age increases, the time of foreplay and performance increases as well and it is very commonly found in men. If this factor is not found in any man then it is a major reason to worry as feeling the need of being loved and attached comes very naturally from within. If the person is less or not keen of it then it is a major reason to worry as it may result in problems like low libido. Low libido results in the consequence of making the person asexual. He is not interested in any of the intimate activity. This problem can result in detachment from the partner, lack of intimate desire and some great hormonal changes. This is a serious problem and one must treat it well. The person must take a Sexological therapy in Delhi which can help them cure their problem. One must pay attention to even the petty changes inside them so that they do not get affected by such problems in future. Problems like these can be really toxic and hazardous to one’s intimate, love and married life as it can result in high amount of mood swings in the person which be switched in seconds.

  • Intake of smoke and drugs can make the man impotent

High intake of nicotine in substances like cigarette and drugs can make the man very feeble and unstable. It can reduce the sperm count inside the person by making him very weak and fatigue. The child baring power inside the man decreases day by day when the man smokes and intakes nicotine in multiple forms. One must never face such problems but high intake of all these substances can make the man impotent. In this case, one must consult a Top sexologist Doctor in Delhi who can treat the problem and understand the patient’s psychology, so that the patient must feel secured and safe about his treatment.

  • Reducing desire must not be ignored

Mood swings are very normal in daily life but somewhere when it comes to intimacy problems like these must not be ignored as it can widen the gap between the partners. It can be a symptom of erectile dysfunction. It is the inability to keep an erection firm during the intimate moments. Other symptoms to this problem can be stress, relationship strain, and low self esteem and self confidence. The increase of this issue can cause major diabetic problems and it can be very toxic for the body as well. The right amount of treatment is much required here to solve such problem. Only treatment but one needs counseling and high amount of care in this issue as it can result in mental instability, depression and sometimes great hypertension. Problems like these must not be ignored and they must be consulted and cured. One must fetch for a great Sex treatment in Delhi, which can dissolve their entire problem and make them healthy inside out. Dr. P.K Gupta is best known for his high quality consultation, his friendly behavior towards his clients, his quick recovery rate and most importantly, the comfort level he establishes with the client must be admired each time.

At the end, the conclusion is that talking about problems is not a taboo; one must be very open and transparent about it. So that it could be treated the best and it must be seen in depth. Every problem has a cure to it, whether it is internal or external. Ignorance is not the solution to every problem and one must be very vigilant about it. Dr. P.K Gupta is known for his friendly behavior and jolly qualities. He is the best Sexologist in Delhi.

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